Testimony / Interview

Highlight your talents with a direct narrative shot in professional conditions.


Because it's direct and sincere, the video testimony is a perfect choice to explain, reassure or convince the people that you don't have time to meet face to face. It's also a first brick which can later be completed with illustrations shots, graphics, or be included into a larger film as your audiovisual communication expands.

So don't repeat yourself: say it once, say it well, then share, share, share!

Our basic offer includes half a day of shooting with a professional D.O.P., half a day of editing, color grading / sound mixing for the web and one client validation.

Need illustration shots to support your testimony? Take a look at our "Report / Live Documentary" Offer. And if you have any question, please do get in touch.

Prices and options

1. Shooting time

The setup and packing time (~2 x 1 hour) must be included in the shooting time.

1/2 day

3h30 shoot, 1 to 2 interviews

Whole day

7 hour shoot, up to 5 interviews

2. Inteview and coaching

Presence of an experienced interviewer to prepare the questions ahead of filming, conduct the interviews and coach the speakers.

No interviewer

Each speaker manages their intervention

With an interviewer (per day)

Preparation, interview and coaching


3. Camera

Add a video camera on a tripod for a more dynamic editing (additional setup time).

1 camera

One angle of view

2 cameras

Additional angle and alternate editing

4. Light setup

Some sectors require a more refined image and light setup (additional setup and packing time).

Classic Pro

5K Camera + LED panel + Tripod + Shoulder rig

Additional light setup

Additional light an grip for cinematographic results

5. Makeup

Your speakers should shine... only because they're brilliant!

No makeup Artist

Each speaker manages their appearance

With pro makeup artist

Specialized in HD shooting

6. Sound engineer

Have a professional sound engineer present for delicate or complex sound recording situations: interviews with several people at once, exteriors, performance, concert, etc.

No sound engineer

Shotgun mic mounted on camera + wireless mic

With Sound engineer

Professional sound recording for all situations

7. Editing

Several speakers? Let us edit their testimonies together for a more dynamic and meaningful video.

Separate editing

Each testimony is edited separately

The speakers answer one another

One additional day of editing + 1 customer validation

8. Graphic design

Make your film more informative and more attractive by adding customized superimpositions.


logo + name and function of speakers (neutral colors)

Your Company colors

Intro, outro, and banners with your brand colors

Motion Design (1/2 day)

Small title and logo customizations

Motion Design (per day)

Customized animation of logos and titles


9. Music

Add some music to support what is being said and create emotion.

No music

Only speech

Musical punctuations

Simple jingles at key moments to energize the film

Custom made (per minute)

Music bank or original score


10. Subtitles

Our subtitles are made "by hand" without any transcription software to ensure pleasant and consistent overprints.

No subtitles

Simple subtitles (per minute)

Classic subtitles in french or another language (translation must be supplied)


Animated subtitles

Animated subtitles highlighting your keywords for social networks


11. Various

Additional costs specific to your business (permits, security, special equipment...).


No additional cost

Added cost (€50 slices)

Validate amount with ChezFilms


Off budget?

Contact us to adapt the offer or get a discount.

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